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In 2016, Laurie and Ike Perlmutter contributed $1 million to the Beatrice W. Welters Breast Health Outreach and Navigation Program, which focuses on reducing the barriers to screening and care for women in medically underserved communities.

The program enables women to acquire breast health services through screening, diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment support and includes low-cost and free mammograms as well as opportunities to participate in promising new clinical trials. 

The outreach consists of patient navigators identifying women who could benefit from breast cancer screening, "includ[ing] African American women, who are twice as likely to be diagnosed with aggressive types of breast cancer that are harder to treat, and Hispanic and Latina women, for whom breast cancer is a leading cause of cancer-related death." 

The program has led educational events around all five boroughs of New York, reaching thousands of people and improving outcomes for breast and other types of cancer.

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